Summer 2018 – Road Trip USA!


Come join us for a summer of fun and adventure as we travel through America the beautiful! From the beaches of the Outer Banks to the redwoods of California, we’ll explore far and wide everything this amazing land of ours has to offer.


June 4-8: Magic of the Midwest: Join us this week as we travel through the breadbasket of the USA. This region is famous for more than just farms and corn! Cities like Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago highlight the heartland. We’ll explore what makes this region special. Did you know that roller skates came from the Midwest? What about deep dish pizza and the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame? The Midwest has a lot more to offer than you think! Tentative Field Trips: Horse Farm, Roller Skating, Esther Price, Young’s Dairy


June 11-15 – Magnifying the Mid-Atlantic:  Did you know that Niagara Falls is more than sixteen stories tall? Or that over forty percent of Americans can trace their ancestry to Ellis Island? Come travel with us to the Mid-Atlantic where we will explore the Empire State, our country’s capital and the Jersey Shore just to name a few. Philly cheesesteaks and Hershey’s chocolate will be just part of the fun. Tentative Field Trips: John Glenn State Park, Penn Station, Donut Haus


June 18-22 Navigating New England:  Did you know that some of your favorite board games are from Massachusetts? Guess Who, Battleship and LIFE just to name a few. One of our country’s favorite sports also came from New England, the great game of basketball!  We’ll travel back in time to the American Revolution, tag along with Paul Revere on his midnight ride, throw some tea in the Boston Harbor, and grab some delicious Ben and Jerry’s ice cream from Vermont as we navigate New England! Tentative Field Trips: basketball at Community Park and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream from UDF, Once in a Blue Moon farm for blueberry picking

June 25 – 29 – Surfing into the Southeast:  Relax in the swells of the surf, sit back and enjoy the breeze! On a quest for the fountain of youth, we’ll stick our toes in the sand and take a dip into the states of the Southeast. We’ll celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans, taste some of those delicious Georgia peaches, and hear some honky-tonk music in country music’s home of Nashville, Tennessee. With warm weather and bright sun, this week is what summer is all about! Let’s dive in and see what is so special about the South! Tentative Field Trips: Caesar’s Creek, Wilson Park Pool or The Beach Waterpark


July 9 – 13 – The Sizzlin’ Southwest:  We’re taking on the heat of the southwest states. Did you know that Texas has the world’s largest rose garden and more species of bats than anywhere else in the United States?  We’ll experience the excitement of the rodeo (yee- haw!) and munch on some Texas toast and Tex-Mex.  Sit down a spell and sip some Dr Pepper as we brush up on our knowledge of Native American culture and test our shopping cart racing skills. The Southwest is the only place in the U.S. that you can be standing in four states all at once. The heat is intense but so is the fun! Tentative Field Trips: Idle Hour Ranch or Fox Hollow Rodeo, Chuy’s Tex Mex, Cox Arboretum or Wegerzyn Gardens


July 16-20 – Galloping through the Great Plains:  This week we’re headed to the amber waves of grain. We’ll learn about native tribes like the Cheyenne, Crow, and Comanche. We’ll take in the amazing sights of Mount Rushmore and track across the Badlands National Park. We’ll learn about the fascinating and fierce forces of tornados. Join us as we travel back in time to the wild west and learn about sharpshooters like Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill. We’ll explore far and wide what the great plains of America have to offer. Tentative Field Trips: Caesar Creek fossil dig, archery, Pizza Hut


July 23 – 27 – Purple Mountain Majesties:  Did you know there is an active volcano under Yellowstone National Park? Become a junior ranger as we learn about mud pots, geysers, and all the amazing things that make Yellowstone one of the best national parks to visit in the USA.  The mountain states also offer amazing hiking trails, Big Sky Country and some of the best skiing in the U.S.  White water rafting and the hot springs of Idaho will be highlights of our national park pit- stops. Join us for this fun week of VBS and camp as we experience the “Rolling River Rampage” through the mountains!! (Please note:  Our half day for this week is our morning VBS which requires a separate registration.)  Tentative Field Trips: River’s Edge rafting, hiking at Patricia Allen Park

July 30 – August 3 – West Coast, Best Coast:  California is the location of countless television and movie productions, it also has the most professional sports teams in the USA. We can’t visit the west coast without exploring our creative side! Since California is the home to Pixar and DreamWorks, we will also learn about animation and create some of our own characters and shows! We’ll stroll along the walk of fame, frolic along Venice Beach, taste some sushi in Little Tokyo, and pump some iron on Muscle Beach. The majestic redwoods are an amazing sight to see.  We’ll take a look at Seattle’s Space Needle and learn about all that precipitation! Don’t forget about Starbucks, don’t worry mom, it’ll be decaf! Join us this week as we take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the west coast. Tentative Field Trips: Starbucks, Rave Cinema, Sugar Creek Park, North Park Amphitheater for performances  

August 6 – 10 – Islands of Adventure:  Aloha!  Hola!  Aang! We will be exploring the islands of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska this week. Join us as we hula through the hot lava in Hawaii, mush and fish our way through the Alaskan wilderness. We’ll have an expedition through Puerto Rico’s rainforest and find out why some of the beaches are blue! We’ll leave no stone unturned in our exploration of the islands mon! Full and Extended Day only this week (no half day)  Tentative Field Trips: Krohn’s Conservatory, Armco Park

Camp Registration Cut-Off Dates are as follows:
–  Week One (June 4-8) – May 25 
–  Week Two (June 11-15) – June 1 
–  Week Three (June 18-22) – June 8
–  Week Four (June 25-June 29) – June 15
–  Week Five (July 9-13) – June 29
–  Week Six (July 16-20) – July 6
–  Week Seven (July 23-27) – July 13 (In conjunction with Vacation Bible School – requires separate registration)
–  Week Eight (July 30 – August 3) – July 20
–  Week Nine (August 6 – 10) – July 27 (Full and Extended Day only, no half day)
There is no camp the week of July 2.